Tuesday, September 5, 2023

2023 GABF Breweries to Visit, H-M

Heavy Riff Brewing Company Dear Agony is a great name for a 13% barrel-aged Imperial Stout with espresso, as the morning after GABF is often agonizing. Nothing some Pedialyte and an IV can't fix. While you're at the Heavy Riff booth, give Quadraphonic Euphoria (port wine-barreled Quad) a sip. Another 13% beer won't hurt, right?

Hold Out Brewing Austin, TX has a number of breweries famous for their lagers. This isn't one of them. But maybe they'll catch a buzz after GABF. I'm looking forward to Ol Gil Pilsner and Hesky Czesky Czech Dark Lager.

Hoosier Brewing This Indiana brewery (duh) is making some talked about fruited sours. BOXO Fruit- Cherry and Roll the Fruit- Fruit Spirit sound fun.

Hoppin' Frog This brewery has always been about the big, bold beers, and they've brought some to prove how tough they are. The 15.1% Pentuple has medaled twice at GABF in Belgian categories. The 14.1% (notice the all-important .1% on these beers) Frogichlaus tribute to Samichlaus has nagged medals at both GABF and World Beer Cup in the Doppelbock/Eisbock category.

Icicle From the Great state of Washington comes a brewery that's easy to say but hard to spell. Seriously, you ever try to spell icicle? Well, Icicle has a World Beer Cup Bronze medalist in their Premium Pilsner, and they'll be pouring it at their booth.

Kern River Can I just take this opportunity to say that I'm disappointed that Kern River isn't bringing the beer that made a relatively little brewery in a relatively remote area of California famous? Talking about that Citra DIPA. That was a beer that was hard to get back in the day but worth the chase.

King CongA couple of Czech style beers here I'm gonna sample from this Sacramento brewery: Prague at Night (Dark Lager), and Dzungle (Bohemian Pilsner).

Liquid Mechanics Not every stout has to be over 12% to be worth drinking, I tell myself. Now to test that out with the 8.5% Coconut Milk Stout from Liquid Mechanics, with 10 lbs. of toasted coconut per barrel.

Lock 27- Dayton Taproom I'm far from a beer purist anymore (though I could do without rice and corn in lagers, thanks), so sign me up for a taste of the Go Bananzas! Milkshake Hefeweizen, made with lactose, vanilla, and banana puree. Barrel-aged Aplheus Affogato Imperial Stout and GABF Bronze Witbier Wolk will be there as well, but can't pass up that unique Hefe.

Maplewood I've been a fan of this Chicago brewery's IPAs for years but never had the pleasure of trying their stouts. That ends on Sept. 21, by God! Barrel Aged Cuppa- Neat is a 13% Barrel-aged Imperial Stout. The question is, which barreled version are they bringing: Blanton's, Elijah Craig 18, or Rip Van Winkle?

Modern Times Yup, they're still around. And they're still making great beer, though I prefer the old Ice Pilsner to the current MT Pils. And they always bring big beers to GABF, such as Monsters' Park: Vanilla and Modem Tones: Samoa Cookie. And possibly the best beer I had in Denver during GABF last year was Modern Times Chaos Grid: Coconut, though that was at First Draft, not at the fest.

More Brewing They made the list last year for the big stouts they brought, but they only are bringing one this year. But when it's Mehndi Special Reserve, a 16% Imperial Stout aged two years in Eagle Rare 10 barrels, that gets them on the list. Bummed they aren't bringing any of their underrated DIPAs this year.

Morgan TerritoryThis brewery has taken home three medals for their Old Diablo Barleywine, including a Gold in 2008 at World Beer Cup and 2019 at GABF. In fact, they've taken home 25 medals at the two fests over the years! Aside from Old Diablo, they'll be pouring HopTomic, which won Gold at the 2023 World Beer Cup in the Imperial IPA category, Metalmark Marzen, 2022 Bronze for Oktoberfest, and The Cushman, GABF Gold in 2021 for Dortmunder and Bronze in 2022 at WBC for Dortmunder. Interesting thing about The Cushman is that it's only 5% and is categorized by Morgan Territory as a Helles. Well, not the first time I've been curious about competition judging.

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