Friday, September 1, 2023

2023 GABF Breweries to Visit, A-G

Last year we went in-depth with a preview of breweries I'm most excited to try at GABF. There were a lot of great, a few duds, but mostly solid beers that made the list. Gonna give a go again for GABF 2023. Be forewarned- a lot of these are high ABV, many are hazy. But I'm also after the best lagers I can find (like those from Brieux Carre last year). Many of these on the list will be breweries you have heard of, but I can't help it if they make the beers I'm looking forward to. And of course it's a given that I suggest you visit the NM breweries representing at the fest: Bosque, Boxing Bear, Canteen, Ex Novo, etc. And don't forget to look at the non-aloholic beer booths like Ceria and Gruvi. Always good to rehydrate. So yeah, hope this guide helps you find a few gems. Here's the A-G installment.

3 Floyds May as well start off with one of the OGs. Though their line at GABF isn't what it once was, they still make solid beers. And this year, they're pouring the fabled Dark Lord Imperial Stout at their booth. No Zombie Dust (boo), but Zombie Ice (yay).

903 Brewers The longest lines of 2022 went to 903, which isn't necessarily fun when your waiting in it, but the "beers" 903 serves up are fun. Looking forward to the Blueberry Donut Slushy Supreme and Finer Things Club, a 13% Imperial Stout with Nutella and salted cookie flavor.

AleSmith This is why I can't have more than 15 or so samples at GABF- beers like BA Speedway Stout. Gotta stop by and try this classic.

Avery Another booth that I list possibly just for nostlgia (Saturday post GABF Avery tappings at Falling Rock, anyone? Yes, I definitey need that pour of Rumpkin after hours of sampling!) You don't have to worry about getting wrecked off of Rumpkin. Tweak, yes. Thirty, their Strong Ale aged in Stranahan Whiskey barrels? Definitely.

Bearded Brewers Heard good things about the Memories series of Triple IPAs from these guys. Now I'll get to try them.

Black Market Worth a stop to try Gold, their New England DIPA that won Gold at the 2018 GABF. A Grungeist and Crystal hopped DIPA wins a medal? Yeah, I'm pretty skeptical too.

Boneyard Beer Notorious TIPA is always worth a sip, and they brought Wooden Femur too- a rye whiskey barrel aged English Barleywine.

Bootstrap Brewing Their Wreak Havoc Imperial Red is a three-time medalist at World Beer Cup. They're also pouring Stick's Pale ale, a 2021 Gold medal winner.

Bottle Logic Not passing up Fundamental Obsevation, Bottle Logic's BA vanilla Imperial Stout. May as well stay for a taste of Voltaic Stack, BA Stout with walnuts, bananas, maple syrup, and cinnamon.

Chuckanut Yawn. Another year, another medal, this time a Gold for Chuck Light in the Light Lager category. Oh, and throw in a Bronze for Pilsner in the Bohemian-Style Pilsener category at World Beer Cup. And they be pouring at their booth. They've amassed 32 medals at the two competitions.

Dogfish Head Really reaching to try some obscure breweries, huh? I know. But listen- Oloroso Sherry Barrel-Aged 120 Minute IPA. I think I'll hate it. But I want to try it. And I'll admit, it's always cool to see Sam in person.

Dostal Alley This under the radar Colorado brewery has medaled three times for Shaft House Stout in the Irish Dry Stout category.

False Idol This Texas brewery is bringing some big beers, including the 13.5% E.H. Taylor/Blanton's Barrel-Aged Helm of Awe Imperial Stout with Madagascar and Ugandan vanilla beans. Got room for more? Another ounce won't kill you, so may as well go for the 17% Monstro Imperial Stout with pistachio and vanilla.

Ft. George Matryoshka Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout may be the big draw here, but I'm looking forward to Half Liter, the Festbier collaboration with Stoup Brewing.

Fieldwork Watermelon Pulp? I would have been more than fine with regular Pulp. Why mess with a great thing? But I will stop there to try Guardians of a Loveless Isle, a 9.8% passionfruit and kumquat Sour Ale aged in oak barrels.

Ghost Town Winning the Imperial IPA category in both 2021 and 2022 at GABF is a huge feat, and Ghost Town accomplished just that with Nose Goblin, their 9.2% DIPA. Give Geisterfaust Pilsner a try while you're there.

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