Thursday, September 21, 2023

2023 GABF Breweries to Visit, T-Z

Here ya go, the final installment of the Breweries to Visit series, circa 2023. Hopefully, there will be some gems you agree were deserving of making the list. There always end up being a few duds along the drinking journey that I expected to be winners, but that's what the dump buckets are for. Keep an eye out for festival recaps in the days following GABF.

Templin Family Brewers I don't get it when people say they can't find anything but IPAs at stores and breweries. That's just lazy talk where people parrot one another but aren't actually spewing facts. There are more lagers being produced now than any time I can remember (I was not alive 100 years ago), and brewed by IPA-centric breweries at that. A recent visit to Green Cheek had Bier, their Helles lager, on tap and in cans. And Monkish, of all breweries, had two Pilsners and a Helles available. What made Cerebral well known? Hazies, right? Check out any of their recent draft and can lists. Tons of lagers. And now here's me writing about yet another lager producing brewery for you to try at GABF: Templin Family Brewers. Templin has taken home three GABF medals for Granary Keller Bier as well as a medal for their Rauch Bier. Oh, and look at that: Their Squirrel hazy IPA won a Gold at WBC this year in the Juicy or Hazy Strong Pale Ale category. Nothing but damn hazies at this fest.

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. ABGB for short, this brewery looks above at the Templin medal count and says, "Hold my beer". With 11 medals between GABF/WBC, ABGB is a lager lover's dream. All five of the beers ABGB is pouring at the fest (Industry Pils, Hell Yes, Rocket 100, Velvet Revolution, The BEEginning) haven taken medals.

The Bruery Ah, the good old days of lining up for some Black Tuesday! No word on whether Scoops on Dunn will be available the entire time during the fest or a dreaded "Tapping at 8!" situation, but I'll try to make it there for this blend of Black Tuesday and All The Cows with coffee, vanilla, toffee, and cocoa powder. And then, a nap.

The Lost Abbey It was kind of surreal a few fests back to see Tomme Arthur standing at his booth with a buspan full of bottles of Duck Duck Gooze and nobody lined up for it. For selfish reasons, I wouldn't mind being the only one there again, as they'll be pouring the 2022 DDG as well as 2012 Angel's share. Kudos to The Lost Abbey for bringing something special.

Third Eye Brewing This brewery makes some interesting fruited Milkshake IPAs, such as Jelly Brain V1 with pineapple and toasted coconut. Got my eye on Double Astral Heaven Hill BA Imperial Stout as well. Not my third eye.

Twisted Pine What do Serrano, jalapeno, habanero, Fresno, and Anaheim peppers have in common? If your answer is, "None of them belong in beer!", then stay away from Twisted Pine's booth. But if you like a damn hot Chili Beer then give Ghost Face Killah a try. Good luck.

Von Ebert Von Ebert does a number of styles well. Their Volatile Substance IPA won Gold at GABF 2021, and their Pils has medaled at both GABF and WBC. Both will be available at their Pearl booth, while their Festbier will be pouring at their Glendoveer booth.

Wayfinder Beer Can't say enough about their lagers. Hell may be my favorite Helles lager in the world. Freiheit was the best Festbier at GABF in 2022, in my opinion. And you can have both, as well as Earth's Eris Cold IPA from the brewers that invented the style.

Wibby Brewing Hot damn, more lagers! This Longmont, CO brewery is bringing five of them, including medal winners Volksbier Vienna and Moondoor Dunkel.

Wren House Brewing The best brewery in Arizona? I think so. They have really come along with great lagers as well as still making quality hazies. I'm looking forward to Prasna Brana Czech Lager, FrankenWally TIPA, and Triple Vanilla King Snake, a Rip Van Winkle barrel-aged Imperial Stout with six lbs. of vanilla beans.

Weldwerks Brewing And speaking of stouts, let the long lines begin! One of the most popular booths, and for good reason. Weldwerks always brings it, and this year they'll have ten beers, including three versions of Medianoche Imperial Stout. Mix that with some Extra Extra Dino Bits and some Strawberry Cheesecake fruited sour and you'll feel real awful. Enjoy!

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