Monday, September 18, 2023

GABF 2023 Breweries to Visit, R-S

Pure Project Ok, looks like I finished my last post without including one of the important P breweries: Pure Project. This brewery brings us our first Flanders Red sighting of the fest with Roes Red, a Flanders aged in Pinot Noir barrels. I'm also looking forward to trying this year's Corylus, a 13.4% Imperial Stout aged in Breckenridge and Heaven Hill barrels with added Oregon hazelnuts, Peruvian cacao, and Nicaraguan coffee. A melting pot of beer ingredients.

Radiant Beer Co. I don't know how I keep missing out on Radiant when I visit Anaheim. Actually, I take that back. I know why, and it's all Bottle Logic's fault. I always think I can just get a few very small pours at BL and be fine, when the truth is those small 13%+ pours turn me into a worthless mess where I can barely pour myself into an Uber back to my hotel. But next time, Radiant. For now, I'll enjoy small pours of Show Me a Sign hazy IPA (Radiant has twice medaled at GABF with hazy offerings) and the 14% Luxurious Potential, a barrel-aged Imperial Stout inspired by Black Forest Cake. Yum.

Ratio Beerworks Here's a brewery that knows how to do a fest- just look at the fun stuff they're bringing to GABF, including King of Carrot Flowers, a carrot juice and elderflower Saison; Dear You, a Citra-hopped French Saison; Barrel-aged Barleywine; Genius Wizard, a 14.8% barrel-aged Imperial Stout. Oh, and a Mexican-style lager.

Revision Brewing This brewery that has been cranking out IPAs like crazy over the years, but I'm looking forward to trying Coconut Pie Face, an Imperial Stout with toasted coconut, Madagascar vanilla beans, and cacao nibs. Yeah, I know that I'm recommending a lot of Imperial Stouts. Want you to get the most ABV you can get out of that $100 ticket.

Revolution Brewing Ever have a fruited Barleywine? I never even thought about it. Doesn't sound appealing, honestly. But I trust the brewers at Revolution when it comes to high ABV beers, so I'll at least take a sip of the 15% Life Jacket Barleywine. Deth's Tar Imperial Oatmeal Stout is also on the menu.

Right Proper Brewing With a former Allagash brewer at the helm, of course I'm going to recommend Li'L Wit, a Belgian-style Witbier, and Foveal Vision, a foeder-aged Farmhouse Ale with fruit.

River North Brewing I think they're trying to kill us. The 6 beers being served at the two River North booths average out to 11.7% ABV, with a max 16.9% for 2019 Vicennial: Father Time, a barrel-aged English Barleywine. But they are bringing the 5.3% River North Pils as a palate cleanser.

Russian River Brewing You know you were going to visit Russian River whether it made the list or not, and there are plentyof RR goodies to choose from with both the Windsor and Santa Rosa locations represented. DDH Pliny the Elder, STS Pils, and Intinction Sauvignon Blanc barrel-aged Wild Ale with Brett are my Windsor choices, while Docta-Ron (IPA with Nectaron hops) and Jannemie Saison highlight the Santa Rosa booth.

Saint Arnold I feel like there aren't nearly as many Pumpkin Ales as there used to be at GABF. Without Elysian there, that leaves off about 50 alone. Saint Arnold is bringing their 11.3% Pumpkinator Imperial Pumpkin Stout this year.

Salt Road Brewing Feeling sad because there won't be a giant Stone Brewing endcap booth this year? At least you can get a taste of what you're missing with Arrogant Sellout, the 9.3% Strong Ale that is Salt Road's homage(?) to the once fiercely independent brewery.

Samuel Adams It's a given that I'll miss the pouring of the 28% Utopias, which will be available from 8:19 to 8:22 or something ridiculous like that. Haven't been able to get a taste after all these GABFs. But I have to give a shoutout to the reformulated Boston Lager. I was originally skeptical, thinking they were just dumbing down a decent beer to sell to the masses. But the new version is a really nice beer. Wasn't expecting that.

Schnitz Ale Brewery Interesting that a place with "Ale Brewery" in its name has me looking forward to the Poppa Pils, a Keller Pilsner.

Second Chance You Robust Porter fans aren't going to walk by this booth without a taste of the four-time Gold medal-winning Tabula Rasa, are you? Didn't think so.

Seedz Brewery This Michigan brewery is on my short list of must visits for lager specialists, and they'll be representing with a Helles, German Pils, and Keller Pils.

Snake River Brewing If only to drink the Zonker Stout, which has taken an amazing 11 GABF/WBC medals all the way back to 1994.

Sunriver Brewing Looking for some clear beers with good ol' American hop bite? Look no further than Sunriver, who have you covered with the GABF Gold Pale Ale Rippin, and the WBC Silver IPA Bondi Beach Party.

Sun King Of course I have Sun King on the list. With 41 GABF/WBC medals to their name, Sun King is like the Jeff Bagby of breweries. Cherry Busey alone has taken four medals in the Belgian-style Fruit Beer category.

Spice Trade In the "trying it because it's different" category goes this Spa Sidekick Gose, with cucumber, lemon, coriander, and Utah rock salt.

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