Monday, August 11, 2008

An Epic Day and Epic Pricing

Stone's Vertical Epic is on Albuquerque shelves. This Belgian Strong Ale was released on 8/8/08...I think I'm starting to see a pattern here! I'm not at home right now to buy any, so please save me some. Oh, and it was nice of all of you to save me some from last year, but you can start buying it now. There is a ton of it still in the stores.

We are also lucky to get the Rogue Anniversary Brewer beer. Although at 21 dollars for 25 ounces I don't know how lucky I'd feel after buying one. I may walk funny for a few days after buying one. I say we are lucky because we weren't part of the release area for the 10,000 Brew that came out last year. I got some in Phoenix and Denver, and my friend got some in fucking Arkansas, but Albuquerque couldn't get it.

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Unknown said...

purchased this and drank it, really slow. This reminded me of Stones Arrogant Bastard, but thicker with a good kick. Best part it that the bottle is cool and has a dog tag on it!!! Fug YEA!!!!!