Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fall Must be Coming Soon

Because the first Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers are already arriving in stores!
First on the scene is Widmer's Okto (5%), which they call an oktoberfest beer, but which actually only resembles one in name and color. The beer is an amber ale, while a true oktoberfest is a lager. Albertson's has it for 6.99 a sixer.

The Blue Moon division of Coors has released Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale (5.6%). We don't get any great pumpkin beers in Albuquerque (Weyerbacher, Cottonwood, DogfishHead), and this is no exception. It isn't a bad beer at all, just slightly subdued, as you might expect from a company that markets to the masses. This also is selling for 6.99 at both Kelly's and Albertsons. Smith's can't be far behind.

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