Saturday, August 2, 2008

On the Road Again!

Sorry everybody, I know I haven't updated in awhile, but I was getting ready for a road trip to the east coast.
This is, of course, a beer trip, so I will be trying to give daily updates while I am traveling, so keep checking in!
Tonight we are staying in Route 66 history country, or its less glamorous name, Elk City, OK. Even less glamorous is the Econo Lodge we are in, but there is some big reunion in town and there wasn't much to choose from.
We stopped in a couple of beer stores, the first being LaDonna's Wine and Spirits. Now if you have to buy beer in Oklahoma, make sure you hit a store that has a liquor license, otherwise you will suffer the dreaded 3.2% disease, where all beer may only be 3.2% alcohol by weight. On Sunday, that is ALL you can buy, so come prepared!
The store had a surprisingly diverse selection of wines and spirits considering the location on the old Business 40 location off the interstate a bit. The beer was not refrigerated, which I think is a law in OK, but there was a nice selection. In fact, I picked up a 8-pack of 7 oz. bottles of Little Kings Cream Ale (5.5%) that we can't get back here.

We found another store down the street from our motel, 20th Street Liquor. This was another well stocked store, also with warm beers. They had basically the same selection as the other place, but with a more "urban edge". Such as the Pit Bull High Gravity Malt Liquor.
Both places also had some Minnesota/Wisconsin beers we can't get here, but I didn't but any because our car is going to be FULL of beers by the time we get through with this trip and these aren't the beers I want to pack the trunk with. I did pick up a single of Choc 1919, an Oklahoma beer.
I made the mistake of telling the cashier of the store how I liked her Journey concert t-shirt. She went on to contrast and compare the Journey concert with the REO Speedwagon concert she had gone to. Boy, did she have a lot to say. I was about to sit on the floor and crack open a beer but managed to get back to the room, where I am now enjoying the Little Kings Cream Ale.
Oh, and I know the layout of this post is sloppy, but it's hard to concentrate when you are in a motel room and your girlfriend is watching Titanic with that Zamfir/Celine Dion duet playing every two seconds.

There is a lot more to come on this trip, so keep reading...I'll keep drinking!


Unknown said...

Ahhh Haaa!!! REO Speedwagon. HAHAHA!!!!

Unknown said...

Too bad she didn't lift-up her t-shirt to show you the "Journey" concert your "speedwagen" could have made!!

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