Friday, August 15, 2008

New Beer Alert

A few new beers available in town these days.

First up is a beer from Red Hook. Their Late Harvest Autumn Ale is available at Kelly's on Wyoming. I haven't seen it anywhere else yet, but I'm sure you will be able to find it elsewhere soon. It seems to be an amber ale that has a slight bitterness from the Northern Brewer and Saaz hops. The website says the beer is 5.7% abv but the bottle has it at 5.9%. What is funny it that the website also says it is an "east coast only release". I wondered if it wasn't selling well there and was getting dumped out here, but it is listed as an early August release and also says it was brewed in their Washington brewery rather than the New Hampshire one, so that theory doesn't really make sense. Anyway, it is here.

Rogue has put their Imperial Porter in those BBCB (Big Black Ceramic Bottles) and are selling for 13 to 15.99 in local stores. I think I tried it at their brewery last year but I can't remember what how it tasted. I think I liked everything that night so you should feel safe in buying it.

Lamar St. Organic Ale, the Whole Foods private label brand, has finally made it to Albuquerque locations. This beer has been around for a few years in stores in other cities. It is made by Goose Island out of Chicago and is a drinkable 4.7%. The beer retails at 6.99. Good price, but Trader Joe's also carries private label beers that Goose Island makes for them and cost a dollar less. But they aren't organic. If that matters to you.

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