Sunday, March 8, 2009

Is This New Red Extra Special Too?

Every beer is special, right? Odell Brewing decided to no longer make the Extra Special Red Ale (or any other beer in the Single Barrel series), but that doesn't mean that their newly released "Red Ale" can't be extra special in its own way. This beer is 6.5%, and claims to use "a variety of aggressive American hops" in the brew. Sounds promising, though you can never be too sure with red ales. Sometimes they are total malt bombs that are unappetizing, but the recent trend in reds is to give them more of a hop bite. See what you think about this one, which I've seen at both Kelly's and Jubilation.


Unknown said...

You sound like a salesman, are you getting commission? Well I will look for this soon when I make a weekly trip. Late

ABQbeergeek said...

You liked the Extra Special Red so much, I thought you'd be pissing yourself at the sight of this beer!

I think it was fine; pretty good for a Red, though not as good as Marble's Red. But when drinking a Red with a little hop flavor I find myself asking, "Why am I drinking this instead of an IPA???"

Unknown said...

Dude the Marble Red is a Red IPA. I love it. And as I love the hops, and lots of it, in there red, I would like to see it have a little more malt. Yea I know, weird coming from me, but that is what a red is. Right?