Thursday, March 12, 2009

You People are Getting Spoiled!

And don't start acting like those little shits on My Super Sweet 16, either! Just be happy that there are some great beers in town right now, and don't make fun of those poor Mississippi kids who can't get any good stuff!

Starting off, we have the Sam Adams Imperial Stout, part of their new Imperial Series of beers that are released in 4-packs. The stout is 9.2% and costs $9.99. The other available beers in the series are Imperial White (10.3%), and Double Bock (9.5%, reformulated from the old 8.8% version, but with two less bottles and a higher price tag). I decided on the stout because I want to try it while the weather is still relatively chilly. The White will probably be a nice warmer weather beer, and I am just mad about the redo on the Double Bock, as it was great the way it was.

Here's a shocker- a Goose Island sighting in New Mexico! While they private label beers for Whole Foods (Lamar St. Pale Ale) and Trader Joe's (Trinity Irish Red, Black Toad, Stockyard Oatmeal Stout), never before have we been able to get something they will take credit for. And this is probably their biggest hitter of their lineup: Bourbon County Stout. I have been sitting on a bottle for about six months because I hear the bourbon is still overly prevalent and I want to give it awhile to mellow out. I probably won't be buying any to try fresh either, because this 13% beer carries a $17.99 price tag for four beers. The beer is kind of legendary in beer circles so it may be worth the cost.

You say you want those taste buds destroyed? No problem! Have yourself a Hopsickle, the incredibly bitter DIPA (but labeled triple hoppy, so some call it a Triple IPA) from Moylan's Brewing. This former DIPA Gold winner at the Great American Beer Fest was one of the beers I used to travel almost specifically for, but now it is our own backyard (or will be, once I throw the empty bottle there later). Though $8.99 for a 22 oz. bottle may seem out of hand, once in awhile you should experience this beer.

All are available at Jubilation right this second!

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