Sunday, March 1, 2009

Seriously Muddled, but Seriously Good

Mad River introduces a new beer that further blurs the line between beer styles with their Serious Madness Winter release. They label it as a "black ale", but you shouldn't put it in the same category as New Belgium's 1554 Black Ale. This one has 75 IBUs of hop power to back up the roasted malts, and though the combination is strange, it somehow works. My initial thought was that it tasted like a brown ale, then a stout, then an IPA. I still have a couple left to make my final call on the style, but I do think this is a winner. They have joined in the annoying trend of releasing this beer in 4-packs, which at $9.99 makes for an expensive purchase, but the beer is 8.6% and is a limited release. I have only seen it at Whole Foods, but other stores should get it soon. They better get it out soon, as their Winter release is competing with Spring releases from other breweries!

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