Friday, September 25, 2009

2009 Great American Beer Fest- Night 1, Part 1

I wanted to call it "Albuquerque Takes on the World", but since this fest is for U.S. breweries only, that title wouldn't fit. So here you have it- the generically titled, but no less exciting, "Great American Beer Fest 2009- Night 1"!

With the ever-so-helpful Media Badges around our necks, we were able to circumvent the line that snaked around the entire convention center, and go through the media/brewers entrance. Not being in the public line meant we did not get to participate in "The Wave", but we all have to make sacrifices now and then. Also, getting in a different entrance meant getting in earlier than the public, so it gave us a chance to walk around and get a feel for what our Albuquerque brewers had to do to get ready for the onslaught.

For instance: here we have Jeff Erway, obviously frightened at the thought of what he is about to face. Nah, Jeff has been through this for five straight years, and I would imagine that the only thing that scares him about the GABF is the mornings after serving all night, with a good amount of those servings going to himself.

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