Sunday, September 13, 2009

NFL 2009! Beers and Tears, Anyone?

I've been waiting for Marble to get me some specifics about their upcoming Septemberfest so I could give y'all some info, but they have been a little slow in producing so that is why there has been a lag in posts the last few days. That, and I have been trying to decide which beer to open for the first game of FOOTBALL SEASON! We always try to start the season with something from the Philadelphia area, home of my lifelong frustration, the Eagles. But which beer is right for today? Do I go with the Victory Storm King? Nah, still too warm for an imperial stout like that. Sly Fox Christmas Ale? I can't; I said I was going to drink that on Christmas and I will. Maybe it's finally time to open that 2005 Dogfish Head Raison D'Etre that has been waiting patiently for me for so long, just as I have been waiting patiently for years for McNabb and the Eagles to win a Super Bowl. While my team may disappoint, my beer rarely does. Enjoy the season everybody!