Sunday, September 6, 2009

Marble Grows Up

Having already cornered all six-pack beer sales in Albuquerque, Marble Brewery has decided to go after the bombers as well. They have released their best selling IPA and new Double White in 22 oz. bottles. Marble's Jeff Taylor tells me that they actually have labels for all beers in their regular tap lineup, and the plans are to bottle all of their beers once new equipment has been procured. I guess it's hard to push harder when you are already brewing beyond capacity, huh? Marble also will release their Double IPA once the new crop of hops arrive. Jeff says they are awaiting the new hops in order to "Make a super-dank Double IPA". I like the way you think, Jeff. So far I have only seen the 22s at Jubilation, but Jeff tells me Whole Foods has them as well. $5.99 gets you one of these bombers. Nice knowing all you other brands!


Jason said...

I saw the Double White at Quarter's on the West side. Looked good, but wasn't sure how it was. Any thoughts?

ABQbeergeek said...

I like this beer a lot. I am not the biggest fan of regular Wit beers like Hoegaarden or Mothership Wit, but the Double versions (Marble's is the only one I know of that we get in NM)have so much flavor!