Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They Say Lederhosen, I Say Half-Shirts

Ok gang, I know you have been waiting for information on Marble's Septemberfest. I wanted to get you more specifics from Marble earlier, but things have been hectic over there this week. In fact, I got a text from Head Brewer Ted Rice- turns out he has been in Germany right now, and will be getting home this evening. But Marble's Jeff Taylor was able to come through with info, and here's what we've got: You probably know the basics of the fest already:
Saturday, Sept. 19 at Marble Brewery
Noon-8 pm
$20.00 fee
It should be a heck of a party. Just the fact that I will be there makes it a party though, right? I'll wear a half-shirt, "beer goggles" brand sunglasses, and a hardhat that holds two cans of beer. Once you get that lovely sight out of your heads, think of this: Il Vicino's Doppelbock, Schwarzbier, Rye Pale Ale, and Elsa's Hop Elixir. Or Chama River's Octoberfest, My Nightly Pils, Dr. Strangehop, March Hare, and casked Jackalope IPA with DeSmet hops. And that is just what two of the TWELVE breweries are bringing. I don't have info on what every brewery is bringing, but here is the rest of the participants, with beers offered in parentheses: Abbey Brewing (No info, but I only know of one beer they make-Monk's Ale); Sierra Blanca (Alien Amber); Rio Grande (IPA, Pancho Verde Chile, Outlaw Lager); Santa Fe (Hefeweizen, Pale Ale, State Pen Porter, Yippee DIPA); Turtle Mountain (Hoptimus DIPA, Independence IPA, Ol' Brown Eyes, Oktoberfest, American Wheat); 3 Rivers (Papa Bear's Golden Honey Ale, Atomic Pale Ale, Mother's Milk Stout, Double Barrel Amber); Blue Corn (40K Wheat, Pale Ale); Second Street, Isotopes Brewing, and, of course, host Marble Brewery will all have multiple beers for you to sample. The best part...UNLIMITED SAMPLES!!! Though I'm looking again at what all these breweries are bringing, and I don't know how I will be able to drink more than just a few of the samples! If that wasn't enough to get you downtown, you also get two pints, and a souvenir glass to drink them out of.

Septemberfest falls on the same day that the Munich Oktoberfest officially taps that first keg of Spaten, and honestly, I would rather be here. Yeah, I said it. I have been to Oktoberfest, and while it is a once in a lifetime experience, it is limited. There are only six breweries that participate, and there is only one style of beer: Marzen. There looks to be around 20 styles represented at Marble's Septemberfest, another factor that proves to me that we are the greatest brewing nation in the world! And it's not just the styles; it's the fact that there will be so many versions of great styles. My count is over 30 beers, and that's without knowing what beers four of the breweries are featuring! Impressive beer list notwithstanding, there will be far less than the million+ people who pack the halls at Oktoberfest. But the crowds will gather, from the four corners of the state and beyond. Marble is ready- they are expanding their outdoor seating, welcome news for any of us who have stood on the patio waiting for a seat, eyeing those people just about to finish their beers...are they getting another? No, they're leaving! Quick, grab that table! Now that should be alleviated a bit, as the seating area will now reach west almost to the grain silo. Unlimited samples (and three bands) may pack the house, but I guarantee there will be less lederhosen clad folks than you'll find in Munich on Saturday, so don't fear. I'll see you all there, resplendent in my mesh half-shirt. American fashion, baby!

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Unknown said...

...american fashion baby? what do you have against lederhosen - you east coast beer snob! lederhosen are real men's shorts made from 100% leather cowhide complete with leather straps (i'm sure your shorts have a cotton panel in them). and by the way, "half shirts" died long time ago sometime in the 80s. obviously, your glass is only half-full!