Monday, June 28, 2010

Avery Seventeen

I did promise to get back to local news finally, and here you go: Avery's 17th Anniversary Black Lager. Right here in Albuquerque. Each year Avery does something a little different with the anniversary beer; what was last year's, a Saison? And I don't think the fifteenth ever even made it here. It was supposedly a mess of a Wild Ale that one reviewer compared to Roquefort cheese. Up until recently, Kelly Liquors at Mountain Run had plenty of the 14th Anniversary Belgian Strong Dark Ale sitting out, but they seem to have disappeared-or disintegrated from sitting on that sun-drenched floor for years. Anyway, this year's Black Lager has been dry hopped with Tettnang and Hersbrucker hops and is high in ABV for the style at 7.69%. I had it on tap in San Diego last week (can't get away from the SD talk!) and it was fine, with the hops noticeable but they don't overpower the beer. Worth a try. Little pricy at $8.99, and have only seen it at Jubilation thus far.

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