Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here Comes the Sun(Flower)...It's All Right....

From the ashes of the former Western Warehouse at Montgomery and Juan Tabo (Moriarty wept when it closed) comes the third Sunflower Market, joining the Lomas and Academy locations. Unlike the other locations, this one was ready to go upon opening with a license to sell beer and wine. I didn't waste any time getting over there to check out their goods.

Been to another Sunflower Market? Then you've pretty much seen this selection. A very good one, with bombers from Avery, Stone, Great Divide, Marble, and some Belgians as well. Better six-pack selection than Whole Foods, but not as good a bomber selection. Sale on Marble for $5.99 a six-pack. Ten grapefruits for a dollar. New Belgium Trippel sign misspelled as "Tripple". And a major fuck up. I went to buy a Marble sixer. That's all. I passed on the grapefruits. The beer rang at $7.99 plus tax! They had been open for days by the time I visited; plenty of people must have bought the beer...WHY hadn't they fixed the mistake in their system by this time? How many people had bought other groceries along with their Marble and didn't notice they had been overcharged? I have written about a few misleading Sunflower beer ads in the past. Here we go again.

So if you must go to Sunflower for beer, BEWARE of being overcharged for your Marble!!!


Unknown said...

I can't believe it (actually I can!), the same thing happend to me yesterday at the new Sunflower as well! I purchased a case of Marble IPA and got billed the same $7.99 p. six-pack price vs. the sale price of $5.99. On top of that, it took the cashier & 2 supervisors more than 10 min. to issue me a refund!! I'm sorry Sunflower, but you need to really fucking shape-up and get your shit together!

Anonymous said...

Did they have any Guinness for sale? lol