Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Single Malt Nears Double Digits

Rogue's homegrown ingredients project continues with the release of Single Malt Ale. The beer is a Blonde Ale in style, and uses Rogue's own trademarked Dare malt exclusively in the brewing process, hence the "single malt" name. Single malt in this case has nothing to do with scotch, though the $8.99 bomber price inches closer to the realm of the cheaper single malt scotches rather than a 4.8% Blonde Ale. Yup, for $8.99, that is little bang for the buck, though certainly the argument can be made that you are paying for the quality of the ingredients rather than the ABV. Look at most of the Lambics for sale that are around 5% ABV and are priced in the ten dollar range. Sierra Nevada also had a high price tag for their own homegrown ingredients beer, Chico Estate Harvest Ale. So I don't think Rogue is out of line for charging $8.99 for a moderately low-alcohol Blonde Ale, but I think I'll wait till someone else buys this one and offers me a taste.

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