Saturday, June 19, 2010

San Diego Part Dos

I've been here two days and the proximity to Mexico has me randomly typing in Spanish.
So first: I looked at my last post and saw I spelled "buy" as "by". It was a typo. I don't want anyone who stumbles upon the site to think I'm an idiot. Not for that reason, at least.

Back to Day One of the trip. We decided to take public transportation (the bus) to Toronado, little brother of the famous bar of the same name in San Francisco. Even though the bus stopped at every corner the first mile or so, it was still a good way to save money rather than getting ripped off by a cab driver. That would come later. Got a couple of seats at the bar and dug in. No food since a breakfast burrito at the Albuquerque airport mixed with Alpine Duet and Union Jack IPA makes for a fun experience. Throw in an Alpine Exponential Hoppiness (so hard to find! So lucky!) at 11% ABV and one's motor skills can become compromised.

I wanted to enjoy my delicious moments, I really did. The scene was set perfectly: a pizza place a few doors down from Toronado. But when I wrote about "One's motor skills", I was referring to "MY motor skills", so when the guy handed me the pizza, I didn't have as firm a grip on it as I thought. And I dropped it. Right in front of everybody eating there. The pizza suffered far less than my pride, which I was surprised to see still had some life in it. Jenn standing there cracking up at me was a huge help. I'm actually blaming the picture on the box for the whole mishap- I've decided my motor skills are fine. Just look at the guy rolling the dough- you can see him thinking, "Yeah, I've got a delicious moment for YOU, all right!" and it made me not want to touch the box. Creepy. We caught a cab and the driver got us near the hotel but decided to drive around for another five minutes until we called him on it, where he mumbled something about construction. I mumbled something about forgetting how to tip, and we retired to the room to eat what may have been a pizza at one time.


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