Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ain't Nothin' Goin' on But the Rent

I've been feeling guilty lately, having not written anything since Monday. You poor folks have been stuck with the Alibi (and gosh, haven't written anything for them, either), or Ziggy comics in the Journal. It's not for lack of wanting to write anything, it's just that there has been nothing exciting in the beer world worth covering. In fact, there technically still isn't, but I've got a preview for you. Next week, Hop in the Dark from Deschutes will be on local shelves. It is a 6.5% ABV Black IPA, or as is becoming more the official designation, "Cascadian Dark Ale". You gotta be careful what you call beers these days. I could see myself at a beer fest trying a Cascadian Dark Ale and exclaiming, "This is a damn good Black IPA!!!". The room goes silent, people glaring at me, jaws dropped. Somewhere, a glass falls to the floor and shatters. So when you go to your favorite beer store for this beer, please mind your manners. I don't have a price on the beer yet, but I am guessing $5.99 for a 22 oz. bomber.

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