Monday, May 31, 2010

Don't Sing Oskar's Blues Just Yet!

There has been a rumor going around that Oskar Blues, makers of popular canned beers Dale's Pale Ale, Gordon, Old Chub, Mama's Little Yellow Pilz, and Ten Fidy is pulling their beers out of New Mexico. I talked to Caryl Corcoran, head beer dude for National Distributing (the company that puts Oskar Blues beers on our shelves), and he assured me that the beers are not going anywhere. So where did the rumor begin? Caryl feels that one of National's competitors started the rumor, and it just spread, much like the one that I ate some kid's throw-up years ago.
I asked Caryl if we are ever going to see Gubna, the Double IPA from Oskar Blues that has been available in CO and CA for months now. Caryl said that in mid-June, the brewery is upgrading to larger tanks, and we may see it after that.
A final note on Oskar Blues: don't buy any Gordon from Kelly Liquors at Coors and Irving. The ones they have for sale were brewed on 1/20/2009. Mmmmm, nothing like a hoppy beer that has been sitting for a year and a half. Even the can can't keep it that fresh.

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