Tuesday, May 4, 2010

He's Not Such a Bad Guy

Are you surprised that I'm not a history buff? I want to care. I'd like to pass time deep into a tome on the Byzantine Empire or the Mongols or the Bangles. But I don't seem to have the attention span to get into that stuff. I still have a college notebook from "History of the U.S. 1877-Present" where I'd write the date at the start of each class before taking notes, though there weren't many notes taken...plenty of drawings, though. Halfway through the semester, I admonished myself in the notebook, "Start taking NOTES!!!". This was followed by another half-semester of meaningless doodles. But I could get into this history stuff if it is written on a beer label. I found this Big Sky Brewing Ivan the Terrible at Kelly Liquors on the Westside the other day, and it was the first I had seen it in town, though it came out in 2009. I didn't think anyone in NM carried it, not even Jubilation (though they do carry others in the 25 oz. series from Big Sky). There were only two bottles of this oak-aged 10% ABV Imperial Stout left, and at $14.99 it is expensive, but supposedly a great one. Some BeerAdvocate guys had a blind stout tasting recently, and this came out on top over Abyss, Night Stalker, Dark Lord and other top Imperial Stouts. There were only 3,000 bottles of this made last year.

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