Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nothing to See Here, Folks!

So, I'm sure a lot of you have noticed this sign in the past week or so. It hung on the outside of a strip-mall building on the east side of Coors between Irving and Cottonwood Mall. What did you think when you saw it? SKA Brewing is opening up a tasting room of some sort here, right? That's what I thought too. So I talked t a rep from SKA to get the scoop on when they were going to open, why they chose that spot, etc. (real reporter stuff). However, the rep had no idea what I was talking about. She said she would have someone else call me with the info, but I have a feeling now that there may be no info to be had, because:

There is a new sign up in the same spot where the SKA sign hung, this one advertising Rising Moon, a decidedly non-SKA product. Slowly, sloowwwly, my brain starts to process that my original assumption may have been a little off. So I drive around to the front and see that there is now a small sign saying "Nicky V's Pizzeria: Opening May 19. Ohhhhh. Well, I like pizza. So, that's cool. I guess.


whiskeylynn said...

I'm severely disappointed. There's nothing good on the west side that one would've made me proud. :o(

dwt42 said...

Hi Abqbeergeek--Dave here from Ska. I see where the misunderstanding came from and I apologize! Although our beer has been in Abq. for years, it has not been available on draft, until now, and that is what the sign was referring to. I had no idea what building it was on and figured our excited new distributor put it on the wall of a liquor store. Sorry to dissapoint, but hey, now you can at least ask your friendly neighborhood pubtender for some sweet, sweet Ska love on tap! Cheers!

Unknown said...

My husband and I thought the same thing when we saw the sign and assumed that Ska Brewing was opening up an Albuquerque location. So I guess this Nicky V's Pizzeria that has a sign up now is going to be offering Ska beers on tap?

Thanks for the clarification, dwt42. Hopefully this new pizza place will turn out to be a nice addition to the Westside, but I agree with whiskeylynn that as much as the Westside seems to be expanding, it could use some better dining options. I think the nightlife on this side of town could use a lot of improvement, too.