Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Brews in the News

Pretty darn quiet on the new beer front in these here parts. But we will be getting some new beer very soon. Patience, my precious.

Fort Collins Brewery had a major shelf presence that seems to have dissipated in the last year or so. Remember all the Retro Red, Kidd Lager, Chocolate Stout, and Pomegranate Wheat that used to be available? From what I hear, we will be getting Fort Collins stuff back, along with some new varieties from them. This Hellesbock should be on shelves soon. 6.3%, a little dark in color for the style, but a very nice beer indeed. I hope we will finally get the Rocky Mountain IPA that Fort Collins makes. That's one I could drink throughout the summer.

Full Sail's Brewmaster's Reserve series keeps pumping them out, though this new Imperial Stout might sound more appealing to me if I wasn't sweating just from the exertion of typing. Timing aside, Full Sail seems to do their best brewing in beers that age well. Their Old Boardhead Barleywine is always a winner, and last year's Black Gold Bourbon Barrel Stout would have been great had I let it age longer. I am going to let this 8% ABV beer sit until at least this winter.

Don't have prices yet for these beers, but Full Sail always keeps their 22 oz. beers (which both of these beers are; forgot to write that) at very reasonable prices.

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