Friday, May 7, 2010

Back to Two Weeks Ago

I never finished my story about my Dark Lord trip...why didn't you remind me? This has got to be better than the old days, when you were stuck at someone's house, looking at the slideshow of their boring trip. At least you can always switch to porn or whatever if you don't like my story.

And it starts off with the Dark Lord hangover, mixed with this gorgeous Indiana on the way to Illinois mid-morning. After securing all the beers in my suitcases, I was off to Chicago, where I had booked a room for a night. Damn, it was an ugly start to the day!

Binny's in the South Loop of Chicago made things slightly better. I feel like I could spend the day there, just looking at the shelves. Actually, I know I could spend the day there, because they have a bar with 14 or so taps, most of them Stone when I visited (Stone is new to the Chicago area, which is hard to believe since we have had their stuff for so long). Problem: I couldn't buy anything at Binny's because my suitcases were already full of beer.

And speaking of bars, guess which one this is? Maproom? Hopleaf? Who needs to visit the famous Chicago beer bars when you can just go into this Whole Foods and grab a pint? You can even take your beer with you while you shop! This Whole Foods also has a wine bar and huge food court, but not as good as the mall kind cause nobody here offers samples of Bourbon Chicken. Still, it makes our Whole Foods at Indian School and Carlisle look like the Lowe's on 4th St.

Sorry, have to cut it off here for now. Part 2 tomorrow.


Jason said...

This may be a hugely stupid question - but you can get beer in a suitcase w/o any problems? Always thought it would explode. This is good news for my upcoming California trip.

ABQbeergeek said...

Oh, yeah. Just wrap the beer well. I use bubble wrap and don't have problems with breakage, though have had caps come off twice.