Monday, May 24, 2010

OK Ladies, I'm Free on Tuesdays Now Too...

I have never been one to get involved with a TV series. I had never even seen an episode of Seinfeld before it went into syndication. So it took a lot of never-shutting-up-about-Lost some years back by my friend to get me to break down and start watching. I had to play some catch up in the first season but it didn't take long to become hooked.

And it's over. Now what am I gonna do on Tuesday nights? Any specials at Fantasy World? Do they do delivery?

The finale may have sucked a bit, since it was a 2.5 hr montage of all the soap opera moments that had me groaning over the years (more Sci-Fi, less sigh, googly-eyes), but at least they brought back Vincent. He was my favorite character.

I did a little themed-drinking for the show last night, breaking out the Mikkeller Black Hole (13.1 % ABV Imperial Stout with coffee). It was kind of a loosely defined tribute to the Man in Black and the Smoke Monster and the cave when the light goes out. I had other ideas, such as drinking Scotch whiskey whenever Desmond was on screen, or Australian beer when Claire came on, or seeing how many KFC Double Downs I could pound when Hurley filled the screen, but I just sipped the Mikkeller and watched another night become freed up. Call me.

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