Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In the Year 2000... store will sell COLD beer, rather than the lukewarm stuff that sits on shelves and gets old before its time. Well, we all know every just about store with electricity does that. But apparently it is a novel idea for Trader Joe's, whose Uptown location has finally added a cold beer section (along with a cold wine section, but nobody cares). I don't think the former lack of a cold section was any kind of prejudice against alcohol, which is a large part of Trader Joe's sales. I just think it is the lack of space that prevented them from having it. This is the chain that doesn't even sell ice. Maybe it is a prejudice against cold. You can see from the picture that is is a smallish cold section, but there is a decent variety, and they are going to add in cold single beers soon. Someday, they will add a parking lot with space for more than ten cars as well. how lucky we are to live in times of such monumental advances in our quality of life!

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Andrew said...

trader joe's sucks. haha.