Monday, May 17, 2010

Ska Release Party

You like Ska music, right? Me neither! But I'm willing to put up with the "musical stylings" of Made in Bangladesh, The Blue Hornets, and The Big Spank, if only because I will be drinking fresh Ska beer on tap at the same time. Launchpad is hosting a release party this Wednesday, May 19 to celebrate Ska beer being available on tap in Albuquerque and the price is right- for the music, at least: free admission. Don't know what the beers will cost. Also not sure what Ska taps will be pouring yet- Dave Welz from Ska is supposed to be getting back to me as soon as he finds out himself. I did stop in Billy's Long Bar today and saw that they have Pinstripe Red Ale and Modus Hoperandi on tap. So expect those, and hopefully others. Doors open at 7, and my earplugs will be inserted at 8:30, when the first band goes on.


nicole gallegos said...

so how was it...the beer, the music, the peeps??

ABQbeergeek said...

The beer was great- fresh Modus on tap in Albuquerque, finally!
Music: I checked out the bands for about 30 seconds each, and they and the crowd seemed to be having a great time.
People: got to talk to the founders of SKA and had a great time with them. Support these guys and buy their beer!