Friday, August 6, 2010

Save Our Shore Benefit

Come on down to Blackbird Buvette this Sunday, August 8, and help support the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. The event, dubbed SOS (Save Our Shore), goes from 6-12. I might temporarily break my boycott of bars with pretentious names and stop in for a bit. There will be DJs aplenty and live music from Up The Holler, The Porter Draw, and The Blue Rose Ramblers. Don't know of any of them. But I don't know local music, either. Once the Dingo bar closed and Golden West turned into a creepy homeless bar, I gave up on the music scene. This is a free event, but donations are strongly encouraged (it is a benefit, after all). You are on the honor system here. I love the honor system. When the collection plate comes around, I'm gonna make like the guy in Coming to America and put my chicken bones in there. "I thought it was the trash!!!"

The SOS event gets its name from the beer brewed by Abita for the same cause. You may have seen this beer pop up all over recently. I have been meaning to write about it and this makes a good tie-in. The beer is a 7% ABV Weizen Pilsner, kind of an unusual style and high in alcohol to boot. Abita is giving proceeds from the beer to the coalition, so it is worth picking one up. It is only $4.99 for a 22 oz. bottle, and if you are too cheap to pay that, how about $3.99? Whole Foods has it on sale right now. It will fittingly be poured at Blackbird on Sunday, though I don't know what they will be charging for it. Maybe they will use the honor system.....


Sue said...

I said exactly the same thing about "The Buvette" - pretentious name! HAHAHA. Maybe we will see you there.
Jenn's Mom

Unknown said...

Patrick, the Abita SOS beer is a great summer/seasonal Pilsner. picked it up at Kellys Mountain Run, JM.