Sunday, August 1, 2010

Short But Sweet: The 2010 NM IPA Challenge

Who would have thought an event that only went from 12-3 would be enough to make me happy? Or, should I say, hoppy as does this guy's shirt? I'm keeping this brief, as I have to write a story about the challenge for the Alibi by tomorrow morning.

So let me just say that Chama River was well prepared and everyone seemed pleased. I know I was. Met a lot of cool people and ran into some old friends.
Here's the results of the challenge:
10. Rio Grande
8. TIE- Turtle Mountain and High Desert
5 THREE WAY TIE: Blue Corn, Second Street, Three Rivers
4. Chama River
3. Santa Fe
2. Marble

And for the second straight year, Il Vicino takes top honors! Too bad you have to settle for Mendicino while Il Vic gets their new spot ready. Congrats to them!


Reid Rivenburgh said...

Wow, kind of surprising results there. SFBC really upped their game. Of course, I don't know what I liked; do you know what the order was for yesterday? I picked #1 #1... curious what the heck it was.

Chama was a great location for the event. The line wasn't too bad, and it was nice to be able to sit at a real table and think'n'drink. We met and sat with Drew and his wife, who were hip, IPA-lovin' beer geeks. It was a good time.

Reid Rivenburgh said...

I forgot to mention that I was strangely not into most of the IPAs. I know you like to try dozens a night, but I usually have one brand and stick with it, and ones from Chama, Blue Corn, and 2nd Street I know all have a nice, strong hoppy flavor. Maybe it's a result of mixing so many, but none seemed all that familiar. #1 was closest to what I'm used to, it seemed. (Watch I picked Rio Grande....)

ABQbeergeek said...

Yeah, sure, here's the order from yesterday.

1. Santa Fe
2. Rio Grande
3. Chama
4. Turtle Mountain
5. Blue Corn
6. Three Rivers
7. Il Vicino
8. High Desert
9. Marble
10. Second Street

Reid Rivenburgh said...

Thanks. Since I picked SFBC, I guess you'll know where to find me from now on....

I have to say, I thought Il Vicino was way too strong in some spice. It was last on my list! I better turn in my IPA card, sniff.