Thursday, August 26, 2010

Singles Scene Hits Mountain Run

The Mountain Run Kelly Liquors has joined the Coors and San Mateo locations in offering a "make your own six-pack" option. I love it when beer stores offer this, especially when I am in another state, as I get the chance to try a number of single beers without having to spend my life savings on a six-pack of each beer. This is probably the only "make your own" feature a business offers that I am on board with. I don't understand the appeal of Korean restaurants that bring you raw meat and fire and, as I heard a girl excitedly tell her friend, "They let you cook it YOURSELF!" Big frickin' deal. Albertson's lets you do that too, but I don't go around gushing about it to everybody. Sooo, beer. There are three tiers of mixed-six prices at this Kelly's: $7.99, $9.99, and $11.99. The $7.99 beers, as pictured, include New Belgium, Deschutes, Big Sky, and macro imports. At $9.99, most of the Odell line...and I don't remember anything else. I'm sorry. I should have taken a picture. And in the $11.99 section, you of course have Rogue, also Stone, and pricier imports like LaRossa and Spaten. I'm not sure how it works if you mix and match among the different tiers, though I imagine you pay by the bottle. Each beer is also priced individually, with the $7.99=$1.49 each, $11.99=$2.09 each, and the $9.99= I don't know why I keep drawing a blank on this section, but I do. Anyway, you can do the math and see that Kelly's is making a good profit on this feature, but it is nice to get that variety. Someday, Denny's will let me cook my OWN eggs, any style I choose!

Another thing that caught my eye at that Kelly's was the display of Stone goods, including growlers and half-growlers for sale, $12.00 and $9.25, respectively. Or maybe not so respectively: the owner told me that these weren't being distributed, but that his son went to Stone and picked these items up at the gift shop! Hey, at least he's not trying to gouge you on the prices. $12.00 is the same as you'd pay for a growler at Stone, and if you get one, you can be as cool as me, or possibly even cooler, since my Stone growler's handle broke off. An while the half-growler is cool, I don't know if any brewery will fill them. It seems to be a simple thing, just cut the amount you charge for a growler in half, but you know how people are afraid to do anything that could be remotely frowned upon by the ABC. "What, these people want to buy beer in a smaller, non-approved container? That's a $20,000 fine for you!" Finally, I thought it was funny to see an empty bottle of Sawyer's Triple from Stone on the display: the beer is only available at the brewery, and the bottle is not for sale, not that you'd want an empty bottle. It's just "there".

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