Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I'm gonna write a larger story about this in next week's Alibi (reserve your copy today!), but I figured you must be tired of coming to the site and seeing the same "Singles Scene Hits Mountain Run" headline. I am too. So let's talk about the best beer party of the year: Marble's Septemberfest. Saturday, September 11, from 12-6, come out and enjoy as many 1 oz. samples as you can drink from 12 statewide breweries. The $20 fee includes all those samples as well as a commemorative pint glass that you are guaranteed to drunkenly leave on a random table. But first, make sure you get the glass filled with the beer of your choice, as that is included in the admission price! And if you buy your ticket in advance at Marble Brewery, you get a free pint- the beers just keep on coming! Also included is musical performances by Le Chat Lunatique (I had to restrain myself from slapping my face just for typing that name- nothing against the band itself, but I cringe at the thought of them sitting around trying to think of a name for themselves: "Hey, how about Le Chat Lunatique! Can I get a Oui! Oui!), and The Porter Draw (which sounds beery, so I have nothing bad to say). The kitchen crew from Chama River will be on hand, so take advantage of that and fill your stomach- those one oz. samples can add up pretty fast!

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