Thursday, September 23, 2010

You Wanted More Cliche? Coronado Makes Splash with Mermaid's Red

Gotta give a little love to the Tom Hanks/Daryl Hannah classic. What other movie could you hear John Candy say, "Hey baby, I've got a 12-inch penis!" in Swedish, no less! Ok, I should have said what movie before we had the internet. But though Coronado Brewing has no relation to the movie, they have Mermaid's Red (along with Orange Avenue Wit and Islander IPA) on Albuquerque shelves now. All three styles retail for $9.99 a six-pack, with the Islander being the only one I have tried. For the price, I thought there could have been a little more to this IPA, especially considering how great their Idiot DIPA is. It's a solid 7% ABV, though it used to be 7.5%. I wonder how they changed their recipe. I emailed them once and received no response, so I won't bother again. The Red is a hopped up Red, which I'll never complain about, and the Orange Avenue Wit is made with orange peel and orange blossom honey. Sounds good, but I just want to try one bottle. That's why I love the make your own six-pack deals, because (at least at the Kelly Liquor at Mountain Run) you can buy just one of the single beers on the shelves without being forced to pick six.

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