Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ready for Another Fest?

Surprisingly, I think I could handle one. Must be the healing powers of Milwaukee's Best Light.
The Pajarito Mountain Ullrfest happens this Saturday, Sept. 25th. You can take part in physical activities like hiking the mountain or zooming down it on your mountain bike (lifts will be running from 9-3), or you can dance around to the Nawlins stylings of the Gumbo Project (playing from 1-5). You can dress as a viking (or Ullr- that's what the "Ullr" in Ullerfest stands for) for the best viking costume contest. Or you can dress as a viking just to dance around for four hours. But you know where you'd find me: On the deck where, from 12-5, just $7 gets you tastings from six NM breweries, including Santa Fe, Second St, Abbey, Sierra Blanca, Marble and Blue Corn. You also get a keepsake glass and a full pint of the beer of your choice. Free transit from Atomic City Transit will be available, with bus service from Los Alamos High School from 9-5. I have a wedding to attend (with a keg of Marble Red, I hear), or else I would be there!

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