Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who Ordered Extra Crispy?

Well sorry, but all you get is burnt. Saturday promised to be a sunny day with little shade at Marble brewery's annual all day party that is Septemberfest. But in my haste to get in and start the drinking, I neglected to put on any sunscreen. There would have been no haste had I had my way, but when you make plans to go somewhere with a girl, your first plan better be to wait. And wait. So even though I watched her apply sunscreen after we parked at Septemberfest, I was so anxious that I turned down her offer of SPF 45. And, as you can see in the picture, my imagination that had the line to get in reaching around the block was more than a little off, and we were able to get right in.

It didn't take long for the place to start filling up, though. Nor did it take long to start filling up my belly with beer. Marble handed out handy checklists naming what each brewery was pouring and space for comments about each, but I don't have the patience for that. I'm pretty good about remembering the beers I've tried and my thoughts on them. Another of my worthless talents, but it comes in handy at beer fests.

Not that I can remember everything in order. I didn't move down the lane; rather, I popped back and forth to the shortest lines. I know I started with Blue Corn's Atomic Blonde Lager and Lokalweizen, both excellent beers for drinking on a warm day. Had I stuck with just those beers, I may be in better shape today. But I had to jump right into the deep end and drink Marble's barrel aged Quad (11% ABV) and Imperial Stout (10% ABV). I never looked back from there. Santa Fe Happy Camper, Turtle Mountain Hybrid IPA, Second St. Simcoe Pale...I think I did em all. Feels like it, at least. I have to give Tractor Brewery the award for best treatment of the customers: They rinsed your glass for you, then rolled it in ice to cool it off before pouring. That may not actually affect the taste of a beer, but it sure was a nice touch. Kind of like fancy restaurants serving salads on chilled plates with chilled forks. Not that I would know about that. The fanciest salads I ever get start with the word Souper.

My second coveted award, for best overall beers of the day, go to the man pictured pouring his beer here: Majin Garcia. Majin is one of the owners and also the brewmaster of the soon to be open Goat Head Brewery (lots coming on that soon!), and he brewed his guest beers to be poured at the Hallenbrick tent. Along with Marble's Whole Lotta Wood Quad and Second Street's Cream Stout, the Black Bear IPA was one I overheard people praising the most. But the Green Zia IPA took top honors for me- top honors meaning the one I went back for again and again and again. And at 7.8%, Green Zia may be the main reason I go for the ibuprofen today, again and again and again. Occupational hazards. Maybe I should work for a brewery. That way, I could use a hangover as a reason to collect workman's comp.

Another year, another sold out, sun-soaked Saturday in which Albuquerque gathered for a fun day of enjoying great beer and great people. I take full credit for the sell out, of course. If I didn't write about it, it probably would have been just me, Miss "I can't be on time", and my red leather forehead. So you're welcome for the tip about this little known fest, and it was great drinking with all of you. I learned from my new Kiwi friend the best ways to insult Aussies and the Irish, which always comes in handy. And I learned that sunscreen is best applied before standing in direct sunlight for two hours, but thanks to Ted at Marble, who supplied me with sunscreen later in the day. I'd hate to see myself without that late application. Time to go- gotta put on that Speedo and go sunbathe!


HopHed said...

Goat Head is the real deal! The Green Zia is actually Scott's brew though, isn't it?

ABQbeergeek said...

You know, it is as far as name, but this version was 7.8%, and Majin said it is going to be the recipe he uses at Goat Head, so I think he put his own twist on it.

Christopher said...

You are far from alone in getting a sunburn out there. The back of my neck was NASCAR-fan-worthy, but damn it was worth it. Personal favorites out there were Second Street's Cream Stout, the Black Bear IPA and Tractor's stout. If you sense a theme there, well, yes, I'm that stout guy (the one in the green Guinness shirt). Great article and thanks again for the heads up on this event!

ABQbeergeek said...

Christopher- Thanks! Glad you liked reading. Still two more big local fests to go this year!