Monday, September 20, 2010

GABF Update

Since I'm writing a big piece on GABF for the Alibi, I am going to just put a slideshow up on the website later today. EDIT: It's there now! You'll find it on the right-hand column by the other slideshows. Just click on it to go to the web album with the larger pics. You can read all about the GABF and other beer stuff in the upcoming Alibi beer issue in a couple weeks. Hope you enjoy the pics!


Brandon Worrell said...

Could you post a link to the alibi article? Can't find it...

I saw you at the Bill Sysak beer tasting. That was incredible... I have to admit I couldn't make it through the whole thing! Almost made it though.

ABQbeergeek said...

Oh, the Alibi article won't be out until 10/21, unfortunately. It's not going to be a timely piece (obviously!), but more of a "how NM brewers prepare for GABF" along with my personal experience.

The only way I made it through was small sips! I also waited until Bill's tasting to even drink at all, unlike last year- only made it through 25 then!