Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sierra's Anniverary Ale Takes a Tumbler

If you were looking forward to this year's Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale release, I have some bad and worse news: 1. It will not be brewed- it has been replaced in Sierra's Fall seasonal lineup. 2. The replacement is a Brown Ale. Sorry to be negative, but I just am not a big fan of Brown Ales. And it's not like I was that big on Sierra's Anniversary Ale, which was a 5.9% ABV IPA that tasted like Sierra Pale with an extra Cascade hop pellet thrown in. And I haven't tasted this new release, deemed Tumbler. The 5.5% ABV beer is getting good reviews, so please don't let my prejudice against Brown Ales stop you from trying it. The best deals on it seem to be in 12-pack variety, as is usually the case with Sierra Nevada beers. Kelly Liquors often has the best deals on the 12-packs, often at $12.99.

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