Sunday, October 3, 2010

Drinking Beer and Doing Lines

Even though she doesn't read the site (doesn't even drink...are we really related?), I feel the need to tell my mom not to worry about the headline. No, I have not started doing cocaine. I am quite satisfied with my beer hobby/habit, and have to save what money I don't spend on beer for pizza.
The lines I am talking about are the lines for beer at the first NM Brew Fest, held in the Villa Hispana area of the NM State Fairgrounds. I arrived at the event about 12:15, only about 20 minutes later than I had planned. She Who Must Not Be On Time was surprisingly close to meeting my goal. I attribute that to her choice of a tank top shirt. No need to fuss around with time-consuming sleeves.

So when we arrived, the crowds were just filtering in. I was able to start off with Marble's Imperial Red, followed it with their Whole Lotta Wood, then moved onto the other breweries. Marble brought the most impressive and highest gravity beers of the fest. Not surprisingly, it looked as if they had the longest lines of the day as well. Santa Fe Brewing had an impressive display of beer, and were smart to bring six-packs of their beers to sell. I saw a lot of people leaving with sixers of the new Oktoberfest, and it was the first of their kegs to kick.

It did not take long before the lines for the 20 or so breweries represented to back up. This was not a bad thing; more of a great sign that the inaugural event was a success. Not surprising, either- the variety of beers notwithstanding, it was the location that made the event for me. Lots of grass, lots of shade. Plenty of places to pass out. I want to move into Villa Hispana. I think it only costs $879 a day to rent.

Seriously, just look at how comfortable these people are. Besides the beer, there was a nice variety of food for sale- that traveling pizza oven was cool, though I never got around to buying one. A pizza, not a pizza oven. I also liked the touch of people walking around with baskets of soft pretzels for sale, in the Octoberfest tradition. Unlike the actual Octoberfest in Germany, none of the live music acts at Brew Fest sang John Denver songs. Nothing like hearing thousands of Germans singing about country roads and West Virginia in unison.

Keeping with my own tradition, I stayed at the fest until the very end. Seven hours goes by fast when you have combine great beer, great people (very well behaved), and great weather. The weather held up until just after we left the fairgrounds, when the rain started. Luckily, a cab came and whisked us home before we got drenched. Congratulations to Chris goblet, Kevin Hopper, and all the people with the fancy badges who helped make the 2010 NM Brew Fest a success.


Unknown said...

I should have done this and called into work instead of the ballon fiesta.

Unknown said...

nice recap Jim McN

ABQbeergeek said...

Marcus- I wish you had! Looks like you had a good time at Balloon Fiesta, though. I still have never gone. Maybe you can go to Hopfest. You'll be too sick to work on the 16th, right?

Jim- Thanks. Nice talking to you at Brew Fest. Definitely see you at Hopfest!