Monday, October 18, 2010

My Goodness! My Guinness is Expensive!

Couple of new arrivals for you. First we have a local-ish beer, Monks Wit', brewed by the monks of...Moriarty. The recipe was possibly developed by the monks of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, but the beer is contract brewed at Sierra Blanca. It would have been nice if the Wit had been released earlier in the year, as it would have made a nice Summer beer. But the temperatures are still in the 70's, and you're going to drink no matter what anyway. May as well give this one a shot. $7.99-$8.99 all over town.

Finally, Guinness has wised up and brought over the one Guinness version that craft beer fans actually want to drink: Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. The Stout has been available outside the states for years, but we received nary a drop in these parts. People have been clamoring for this version because its 7.5% ABV helps deliver a much richer Stout than the 4.2% version. The ABV also drives the price up to $9.99...and that's just for a four-pack. You just have to remember that you're getting more than the usual old Guinness, so buck up and help support this small Irish brewery. Maybe they'll make it big someday.

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