Thursday, October 21, 2010

Octoberfest, We Hardly Knew Ye

There is barely a hint of fall in Albuquerque yet, but Samuel Adams is already skipping on to the winter seasonal beer. Sam Adams Winter Lager is back in its 21st year of being brewed. This year, there are some changes to the brew: cinnamon, orange peel, and ginger have been added to this wheat bock beer. Those spices are the same ones used in the Old Fezziwig Ale, available only in the Samuel Adams winter 12-packs. Hopefully the Winter Lager captures some of that same flavor, because Fezziwig is one of their best beers. The ABV is 5.6% this year. I seem to remember it being 6% and 5.8% in previous years, so spices aren't the only change to this beer. You should be able to find Winter Lager everywhere beer is sold.

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