Saturday, October 30, 2010

Santa Fe Chokes the Chicken

Santa Fe Brewing has taken their Chicken Killer Barleywine and aged it in bourbon barrels for nine months, giving birth to Kickin' Chicken. Kickin' ups the ABV from Chicken Killer's already substantial 10% up to 12%. I think the labels are printed wrong, though. They call the beer "Kickin Chicken", without the apostrophe after Kickin', though they spell it right on the description on the side of the bottle. This shouldn't affect your enjoyment of the beer, unless you have some serious punctuation hangups. I resolved mine through counseling. I haven't tried this beer yet, but I am already a fan simply because of the price: $4.99 at Mountain Run Kelly Liquors! A 12% ABV beer for that price is unheard of...wonder if it was mispriced? I wasn't about to question the price, especially since that is the same location where they wouldn't sell me a beer for the price marked on the bottle. Things have improved greatly there since then.

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