Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Stimulus Packages For You

Everyone enjoy the State of the Union Address the other night? I have to admit, I didn't even know it was happening. I'm so sadly out of touch with anything that is not beer related. So while I couldn't tell you one thing the President said on Tuesday, I do have news that is sure to gain bipartisan approval.

If your looking for some everyday drinking beers that won't send you into a personal recession, AND you don't want to buy Miller High Life because certain friends say you are a craft beer fraud when you buy it, then check out these buys. Jubilation is selling 12-packs of Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale for $8.99. It's a solid drinker with a decent hop bite. If you want a little more mainstream, Kelly Liquors on Wyoming has 12-packs of all New Belgium styles on sale for $9.99. By "all styles" I mean Fat Tire and what's left of the winter seasonal 2 Below. You might find a mixed 12-pack there, but don't expect to find Ranger IPA or Trippel 12-packs. Good old Fat Tire. The beer I settle for at the bowling alley. Oh, that Kelly's also has the Mirror Pond $8.99 deal.

Pass the poi mahalo! Jubilation has a deal on the mixed case of Kona Brewing's Longboard Lager and Fire Rock Pale Ale. $18.99 is a pretty good deal, considering four six-packs of these would run you about $32.00. Not bad beer to have around for easy drinking. Kona has a coconut porter that will be hitting the shelves soon too. Beer born in Hawaii...or was it???

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Any word on the coconut porter?