Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beer Week: Thursday, 5/24

The Beer Pong madness continues as ABQ Beer Week moves on to Thursday. Spectators will be again hosting the Beer Pong Tournament. 7 pm start time allows you to hit up an event before and after the royal ponging. Also:

The very congenial brewers over at Kelly's Brewpub have whipped up a batch of special Beer Week brew. A Belgian Trippel will be poured back in the brewhouse area so you can try the beer and talk to the brewer about the process as well. always makes a beer taste better, when you can appreciate what went into it.

Red Hook makes some of the best beers to enjoy at a bar with a rooftop-ish bar like Ibiza has...or so it seems. I haven't actually been in the place, but I hear it is really nice. Nicer when you add in tasting 4 Red Hook beers, a pint of your favorite, and a free pint glass as well? Hanging out on a rooftop bar, drinking Red Hook's like living in a beer commercial. The event will go from 6 to 8 pm.

O'Niell's in Nob Hill had a great lineup of New Belgiums, and is following it up with a night of Rogue beers. Double Dead Guy, Dead Guy, John John Dead Guy, Hazelnut Brown Nectar, Mocha Porter
For Sale on draft-
XStreme Imperial Porter
Dead Guy Ale
Wow, that Imperial Porter tap will be the first XS Series beer I can remember in Albuquerque...ever, maybe? Probably not, but it's always nice to see a beer on tap that makes you look twice.

The copy and paste method works perfectly to describe the Thursday tasting at Two Fools Tavern. But I also have to say I like that place. If I lived closer and they showed good sports on TV I might hang out there.
"Left Hand Brewing Co. presents their Beer Week Special Brew named Week Sauce. Made especially for all the beer weeks across the nation, Beer Week Sauce is a stealthy coffee ported brewed with Allegro Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans and is not for the weak palate! The beer pours jet black with aromas of intense cold extracted coffee including blueberries and cinnamon. Strong and powerful, Beer Week Sauce is a dream come true for beer lovers and coffee fanatics everywhere! ABV 6.0%"
Very cool to be included on the list of Beer Week cities getting this beer. Recognize!

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