Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'll Have One With The Works, Please

So I'm sitting here drinking the last of Stone's latest beer that I picked up at Jubilation, brewed for Bottleworks' 13th Anniversary (Bottleworks is a Seattle craft beer store legend, and the accompanying Brouwer's Cafe is a must-stop bar while in town). The beer is made up of 13 malts and 13 hops; with so many ingredients, the list on the bottle reminds me of one of those refrigerator magnet poetry thingys. So I made a poem out of it. Can't be any worse than one your friend has on their fridge. Brown Crisp/Magnum/Lightly Peated/Mt. Hood The beer somehow turns out better despite all the ingredients, though I'm still trying to figure out all the flavors. I know that the style is an American Strong Ale, 11% ABV, and that there are lots of dark fruit flavor going on. I keep drinking it, so that must be saying something- though not as much as my next Bottleworks poem will.

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