Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SummerFest at Pajarito

Come join the beginning of summer celebration at Pajarito Mountain on Saturday, June 2, with the NM Brewers Festival. From 12-5, you can sample sample sample the day away with beers from 15 of New Mexico's finest while enjoying the ska stylings of The Blue Hornets. Ska music lovers: where every day is Halloween. For you more adventurous types, the lifts will be running for hikers and mountain bikers. Come watch JD make his annual drunken ride that ends in the inevitable crash and injury. That in itself is worth the ride to Los Alamos. 15 NM breweries isn't a bad reason to go, either. For more information on the fest, call 505-662-5725.


Sloppy said...

We've been staying at Camp May on Friday and Saturday nights during summerfest, for several years now. But wasn't Camp May pretty much destroyed by last year's fire? We might not be able to make it for the next .. um.. few decades. Damn fires!!

Wonk Unit said...

Camp May should be fine, only some of the grass burned, but the rest should be as normal. I'll be camping there for sure.