Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Legal Way to Get Home With a Buzz

Who wants to get handcuffed by a person in uniform?
Yeah, I thought so. Me too. But it isn't as fun as it sounds when it comes to being pulled over for drunk driving. And as we all know from living here in Albuquerque, you don't have to be legally drunk to be put in those handcuffs. How many people do you know who blew something like a .05 and still went to jail? It happens all too often, and, regardless of the validity of the offense, there are ways to avoid it. I've written about alterna-cab independent car companies in the past, and thought I'd revisit the subject today by telling you about Buzz Home.

Buzz Home is a locally-owned (duh! Of course it's local. The chains still haven't caught on to this idea yet, and I hope I never have to be picked up by a person in khakis and blue shirt ala the Best Buy/Blockbuster uniform...though I've had plenty of badly dressed/smelling cab drivers) business that recently expanded to a seven-day a week operation. From Sunday (6 pm-2am)Monday-Wednesday (9 pm-2 am) and Thursday-Saturday (9 pm-4 am), Buzz Home will come get you AND your car and get you both home for $20 in Albuquerque, $30 to or from Rio Rancho- no membership fee required. I once took a cab from Rio Rancho that cost me $65. I was going to call that bad planning on my part, but I just talked to a friend yesterday who really planned badly and got picked up for drunk driving awhile back. Over $2000 in fines, lawyer fees, no license...yeah, I'll pay $30 in a second, let alone $65. And Buzz Home has rolled out an even better deal: the Buzz Pass, which for $40 a month gets you unlimited use. It's a great deal for anyone who goes out even a few times a month. And the Buzz Home drivers don't require tips! Possibly expect them...most likely hope for if you use the service, throw them a few bucks- you're already saving so much just in peace of mind, not to mention the fact that you don't have to ask a friend/family member to give you a ride back to where you let your car, hoping all the while that you don't pull up to a broken window and missing radio.
Sound good? Give Buzz Home a call at 505-205-1110 or visit their website at They accept cash and credit cards and suggest you call in advance to reserve a ride if you plan to come home during the busy late night drinking hours.

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