Monday, December 17, 2012

Mistletoe Beers

These aren't Christmas beers. Don't let that headline fool you. I only wrote it because it popped into my head because the beers I'm telling you about are from New Belgium's Lips of Faith series can see...yeahhh.
First up is a collaboration between New Belgium and Grand Rapids, Michigan's Brewery Vivant. Who? You know you have to be doing something special for one of the big Americans like New Belgium to invite a Michigan brewery with a French name brewing Belgians to collaborate, and to further confuse matters, they flew to Belgium and brewed an Irish Red!
No, actually they stayed in the states and brewed a Biere de Garde, a French somewhat-relative of the Saison style but with more maltiness. Citrus notes come from the lemony Sorachi Ace hops and the orange peel addition. Retails for around $9.

The second New Belgium beer is the Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout, a beer that New Belgium did all by itself. I guess they didn't think Starbucks needed any hype. Nor The Candy Lady in Old Town, though a collaboration with The Candy Lady would surely bring about a more interesting label...yeah, we know you only go there for the x-rated chocolates. You buy the regular chocolate at the deserted third floor candy section of the department store at the mall. That's the good stuff. Does New Belgium need any help in the Imperial Stout department? I only wonder because, well, how many stouts can you remember New Belgium ever brewing?? This 9% ABV beer delivers what it advertises, which is 1 pint, 6 fl. oz. of beer. It also delivers the chocolate and coffee it promises, so you may not want to make this beer your nightcap if you have to wake up early. Both of these New Belgium releases are available at the Juan Tabo Kelly Liquors, where they are keeping an eye out for old IPAs while playing music that reminds me of when Anodyne used to play good music.

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