Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wow, Someone Reads This Stuff!

I know you can barely keep up with all my posts lately, but think back to when I wrote about old Deviant Dale's in area stores (You'll have to think back exactly one post)? Well, kudos to Marcus DeGroff, the Western Regional Manager for Oskar Blues. He learned of the problem and sent me a message telling me that the old beer is being pulled from stores. As he says, and I agree, "The beer is too good for someone to try an old one and not get the true experience and taste profile."
The old dates have kept me from buying Gubna and G'Knight in the past, and Deviant Dale's more recently (Ten Fidy is good no matter what the date), so let's hope this will be a trend that continues on. It's nice to see that folks at Oskar Blues addressing a serious problem that plagued other breweries. I'm thinking Great Divide as an example. Their stuff sat around getting old, and a good DIPA like Hercules ended up tasting like a muddled Barleywine. It's no wonder they don't distribute here anymore. Keep it up, Oskar Blues. And get us some Gubna and Ten Fidy on draft.

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