Friday, December 21, 2012

Reserve Tapping Today

Just a heads up for those of you who hadn't already heard- Marble Brewery will be releasing the 2013 Reserve Ale (aged in bourbon barrels) at 4 today to members of their mug club and at 6 to non-members. Bottles will also be sold today for $12. If barrel-aged strong ales aren't your thing, Marble will also be tapping Daisy Mae, a Farmhouse Ale with brettanomyces.
It was weird being in Costco the other day (actually, horrible being in Costco) but weird seeing Marble Imperial Stout bottles sold there alongside the 3 liter bottles of Dewars. And now you can find Marble along with the Kroger products, as Marble is being sold in area Smiths stores.

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Zinkmeister86 said...

Also, the costco on renaissance has stone ipa for sale. $27.99 for a case of 4 six-packs.