Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seasons in the Abyss

The 2012 Deschutes Abyss has hit Jubilation, but it wasn't enough for those guys to be one of the few places in town that already has it. No, they had to go and bust out bottles of 2009, 2010, and 2011 to sell as well. I love that they keep vintages of different beers, it's just perfect for those of us who said, "I'll get that one next time", only to come back and having the beer be gone for the year. There is a markup for the older ones (example: the 2009 is $21.99, while the 2012 is $14.99). Partially aged in wine, oak and bourbon barrels, The Abyss tastes a little different every year- especially in 2009, when there were some infection issues. Be careful if you're thinking about picking that one up. I'd like to see Deschutes use more than 6% of the bourbon barrel Abyss in the finished product, but it's still a beer I seek out every year.


Jeremy said...

Meh, an infection won't hurt you. Just pretend you're drinking a saison :)

Ratman said...

The 2010 is drinking Really Really Realy Good right now.